What are the benefits of off-market properties?

For The Investor: Profit

Savvy investors know profit is made when you buy, not when you sell. That’s what make off-market properties such an attractive acquisition source. If you can reach the owner of an off-market property and explain the value you offer as a real estate investor, you have the opportunity to acquire the property with room for profit. Listed MLS properties, on the other hand, are often highly competitive, reducing your profit margin.

Learn what motivates off-market property owners to sell.

For The Seller: Solving Their Problem

Highly motivated off-market property sellers are typically going through difficult life circumstances and need to sell quickly. Whether it’s death, divorce, or debt — they can’t wait while their property sits on the market. They don’t want to pay fees, commissions, or out-of-pocket expenses associated with a traditional sale either. Real estate investors can offer to buy their property for cash and close quickly, solving their most urgent needs and providing value that a real estate agent can’t.

Learn who off-market property sellers are.

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